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Information about our farm-to-table pancake mixes. Find answers about Popcorn flour, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Nutrition Info, and much more.


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Protein & Fiber Information

We use whole heirloom grains with high protein & fiber content. Some of our products also have high-protein nut meal. We do not use any industrially manufactured protein powders.

Are Long Table’s Mixes Organic?

% of the grains in our pancake mixes that are organic. Our strong priority is to source from organic, regenerative farmers. Read about our sourcing. The ingredients in our gluten free pancake mix are not organic - it is weirdly difficult to find if y

Are Long Table’s Mixes Gluten Free?

It is certified Beyond Celiac Gluten Free by the Cluten Free Certification Prorgam: www.gf-cert.org. This certification is new and may not be reflected on some packaging as we change over. What about Long Table's other mixes?. Our mixes are made with

Are Long Table's mixes Non-GMO?

Yes. All of our products are certified non-GMO.

Are Long Table's mixes Vegan / Plant Based?

Yes. All of our mixes are vegan. The instructions on the back of the bag call for egg and milk, but you don't have to make them that way:. View vegan preparation instructions.

Are Long Table’s Mixes Whole Grain?

Yes. 100%. Emphatically yes, and while you're here, let's talk:. 100% of the grains we use are not just whole grain, but whole-kernel. Our grains are stone-milled, which is the most complete kind of grain you can eat. Most so-called 'Whole Grains' ha

Allergens (Including Nuts!)

Big 8 Allergens. There are 8 major allergens of special concern. Here is how their presence breaks down in our mixes:. Do you make any mixes without nuts?. Our three main mixes all have nuts. Our Short Run (limited edition seasonal mixes) generally d