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Allergens (Including Nuts!)Updated 7 months ago

Big 8 Allergens

There are 8 major allergens of special concern. Here is how their presence breaks down in our mixes:

  • Popcorn Pancake & Waffle Mix contains Wheat, Almonds. May contain: Hazelnuts, Soy
  • Blue Corn Pancake + Waffle Mix contains Hazelnuts. May contain: Wheat, Almonds, Soy
    Also contains Rye. Rye is a (delicious) close relative of wheat. There is complexity to the relationship between wheat and rye allergies & intolerances. If you have medical concerns, consult a qualified professional. 
  •  Gluten Free Pancake + Waffle Mix contains Almonds

Do you make any mixes without nuts? 

Our three main mixes all have nuts. 

Our Short Run (limited edition seasonal mixes) generally do not.

What about peanuts?

Our products are free from peanuts. 

We do not use peanuts in any of our products. 

We do not source our nuts from any facilities or farms that process peanuts. 

The equipment that we manufacture on undergoes strict, 3rd-party tested allergen controls. It is an FDA & SQF certified facility, using allergen & cross-contamination controls that exceed industry standards. 

What's with the Soy?

We don't use soy in any of our products. But soy is so prevalent on farms & manufacturing equipment, that it is always possible that a soybean somewhere made it into a bushel of wheat or corn. We label on the safe side. 

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