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Are Long Table’s Mixes Gluten Free?Updated 7 months ago

Our Gluten Free Mix is Certified GF. 

It is certified Beyond Celiac Gluten Free by the Cluten Free Certification Prorgam: www.gf-cert.org. This certification is new and may not be reflected on some packaging as we change over. 

What about Long Table's other mixes?

Mix NameGluten Free?
Gluten Free
Popcorn Pancakesno
Blue Corn
Single Source Short Runno

Our mixes are made with heirloom grains. (What are heirloom grains?) Many heirloom grains contain gluten, but their gluten structures are fundamentally different: gentler, easier to digest, and many people with self-diagnosed gluten sensitivity say they do very well with them.

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