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Are Long Table’s Mixes Whole Grain?Updated 2 years ago

Yes. 100%. 

Emphatically yes, and while you're here, let's talk: 

100% of the grains we use are not just whole grain, but whole-kernel.

Our grains are stone-milled, which is the most complete kind of grain you can eat. Most so-called 'Whole Grains' have the germ (the most nutritious and flavorful part of the grain) removed to extend shelf life to two years or more. It's sad that this distinction has to be made, but it does. 

In addition, the percentage of whole grains that must be in a food product in order to call it whole grain is very poorly regulated. Even the Whole Grains Council, which was established to promote truth in Whole Grains advertising, merely 'recommends' that products labeled Whole Grain contain "more whole grain than refined grain (i.e., 51% or more of the grain is whole grain)".

These are just two of the many misleading tricks employed by the modern commodity grain system, and we don't use them. We source genuine 100% whole-kernel grains in small batches directly from farmers, working in close partnership with stone millers. 

This is the way flour was made when it was the superfood that sustained generations of our ancestors, before the constellation of carbohydrate and starch related illnesses became prevalent. 

Read more about the farmers and millers we work with. 

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