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Popcorn Flour

It’s the fluffiest flour on earth. It’s also a high-fiber whole grain. We air-pop a non-GMO heirloom popcorn, and then we mill it into a flour. It’s Long Table’s trade secret innovation, and it delivers a categorically lighter whole-grain pancake: hi

Can I make waffles with these?

Yes. Yes. Add 2 Tablespoons (or 30g) liquid to any of our pancake instructions.

How many pancakes does a bag make?

12.7oz bag. Makes 24 6 inch pancakes, 6 at a time. Or, think of this as breakfast for 2 medium hungry adults, 4 times. Kids under 5 usually eat about half of what an adult eats (but for real who knows with kids!). 1lb bag. makes 28 6 inch pancakes, 6